Alexa App doesn’t find anything

Hello everyone,
when pairing with the Alexa app, Alexa finds nothing.
I have connectet 2 sensors. I can see them in the Phoscon App and also in Homekit.

I’m using Phoscon 2.18.00 / 7.8.2022 on a pi with with Homebridge.
Phoscon is also running on Port 80

What can I do about it?

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Have you enabled the “App Authenticate” feature in the web app?

Yeah i did this, I press it and say “Alexa, look for new devices”. She cant find anything new.

Please try the Homebridge-Alexa Skill:

Please note that for this method the Hue compatibility of the Rest API is used. The usage is therefore likely to be limited to lights and outlets.

I think it’s safe to say it wont work.

Hi there,

thx for the Help.

I got Support von Dresden Electronic.

Link from email

You can only connect Alexa if u run Phoscon/deCONZ with native installation. If it run on Homebridge etc it wont work.

Please try the Homebridge-Alexa Skill

This Skill cost 2$ per month now, but thanks for sharing

@Gautama any reason for not sharing that here directly :)?

Nope :smiley:

Here is the needed Alexa Skill:

So there is no other way beside paying 2$ per month to expose a single temperature sensor to Alexa?

Nope, you can run Conbee native on a Pi then u can connect it to Alexa.

Or you pay 2$ per month for the skill.

Or u wait till November when Matter is released. This will solve many Connections problems between different Platforms.

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I am running it with a native install on a Pi and i have connected it to Alexa.
But only my Lights get forwarded and not my sensor.

Yes - so for forwarding a single cheap 10 Dollar sensor i have to pay 2 Dollar each month.

Ok then i really have to hope for Matter.

The HUE Skill and the direct integration will not help you with the sensor, because the Hue integration does only forward lights and no sensors at all.
Im my environment I have integrated door/window sensors, temperature sensors and Smoke sensors and all of them are transferred to Alexa with the hombridge-alexa plugin.

Matter will not help you too. because all of the vendors have to support matter and I don’t think that phoscon/deconz will support matter at any time…

here is a discussion over matter/thread: The new Matter-protocol? - #4 by manup

Interessting, as we actually work on the Thread implementation:

Anyways. At the moment Alexa can´t handle any Information from Sensors who are connected over us. We could build a Alexa Skill, but the requests about that are just very few and we have (tbh) not the time to do that. Alexa can of course handle lights without bigger issues.