Alexa App doesn’t find anything

Hello everyone,
when pairing with the Alexa app, Alexa finds nothing.
I have connectet 2 sensors. I can see them in the Phoscon App and also in Homekit.

I’m using Phoscon 2.18.00 / 7.8.2022 on a pi with with Homebridge.
Phoscon is also running on Port 80

What can I do about it?

Best regards


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Have you enabled the “App Authenticate” feature in the web app?

Yeah i did this, I press it and say “Alexa, look for new devices”. She cant find anything new.

Please try the Homebridge-Alexa Skill:

Please note that for this method the Hue compatibility of the Rest API is used. The usage is therefore likely to be limited to lights and outlets.

I think it’s safe to say it wont work.

Hi there,

thx for the Help.

I got Support von Dresden Electronic.

Link from email

You can only connect Alexa if u run Phoscon/deCONZ with native installation. If it run on Homebridge etc it wont work.

Please try the Homebridge-Alexa Skill

This Skill cost 2$ per month now, but thanks for sharing

@Gautama any reason for not sharing that here directly :)?

Nope :smiley:

Here is the needed Alexa Skill:

So there is no other way beside paying 2$ per month to expose a single temperature sensor to Alexa?

Nope, you can run Conbee native on a Pi then u can connect it to Alexa.

Or you pay 2$ per month for the skill.

Or u wait till November when Matter is released. This will solve many Connections problems between different Platforms.

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I am running it with a native install on a Pi and i have connected it to Alexa.
But only my Lights get forwarded and not my sensor.

Yes - so for forwarding a single cheap 10 Dollar sensor i have to pay 2 Dollar each month.

Ok then i really have to hope for Matter.