2 different phoscon URLs show same (deCONZ?) versions in phoscon GUI but different dates

Hello, I don’t understand this - see title and screenshot:

The “Version” 2.10.03 refers to deCONZ, right?
The “Firmware” 26650700 refers to the FW of my RaspBee II, right?

What does “Die Version ist auf dem neusten Stand” (version is current) refer to: deCONZ version or hardware firmware?

I assume the deCONZ version, but then the note should maybe better come right below (or after) the deCONZ version. Would you developers agree on that?

How does it check the version? Automatically? How often? Can this be set up by the user?

Finally, why am I shown 2 times the same (deCONZ?) version 2.10.03 with 2 different dates? (14.3.2021 and 23.6.2021) by using 2 different URLs? Is one URL for the stable and the other for the beta? Could this be shown more prominently somewhere in the header? Am I using some mixture of stable ad beta, or is it even possible to use both at the same time? (sorry that this is unclear to me)

Please accept my sincere apologies if I have simply overseen something obvious. And thanks for your patience with me and your help. :slight_smile:

Hi @7wells !

First of all the difference of Version and Firmware:
Version means which deCONZ (backend-software) you running.
Firmware means which Version on you gateway is running.

In your case you should update both of them, there a bit outdated.
Our latest stable is 2.11.5 (2.12.1 beta) and Firmware for the RaspBee II is 26690700.

How you use our web-app? Over a HA integration? According to your screenshots, you use the same link, so im kind of confused to be honest. Try to delete your app data and cache in the browser. I guess this will fix the representation.

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Moved the topic to Phoscon app > General support.

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Im a bit confused because the URL in your first screenshot only shows “phoscon” without “.de” so I think this is a link to your local installation of the phoscon app (a link to I guess).

The number after “version” is the software version of deCONZ and the date is the version of the phoscon app. So the local installation of the phoscon app can have a different version than the online phoscon app (phoscon.de).

And currently there a some criteria which decide wether the update button is shown or not. It is not clearly undestandable right now.

So you can always update the firmware version, the deCONZ version and with that also the phoscon app (localy) following this guide: Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

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Thanks to all of you!

The 2 links are indeed different. Why one ends with .de and the other not, I do not know, i.e. I cannot remember how I came up with them. The one without .de was very likely a result of me only typing http://phoscon in my browser address bar (I called the Raspberry Pi 2 with RaspBee II “phoscon” in my locla network).

Just to be sure I got this right:
We can start the phoscon GUI by typing the local host’s name, and by what else? I don’t understand how a local phoscon installation can be accessed by typing an external link into one’s browser. This always kind of frightens me (kind of).

BTW, I never saw a note that there was a newer version/FW available. And still I would like to get a clearer note about “Version” vs. “Firmware” on that page. :wink:

A good weekend to all of you! :slight_smile:

Yes, in this case “phoson” in your URL bar directs you to which is the phoscon app installed on your raspberry pi (shipped with the install of deCONZ). “phoscon.de/pwa” or “phoscon.de/app” is a online version of the app. It has its own version and can only be updated by the devs. No private network information is transmitted to the web. The data is stored and processed on the raspberry pi and the “web app” functions only as a gui.


In case of “I never saw a note that there was a newer version/FW available. And still I would like to get a clearer note about “Version” vs. “Firmware” on that page.” i just can say, we are on it.
There will be several improvements in point of representation and information comming in the next big updates. Just be patient, we are a small team :wink:


Thank you so much! :heart: I really didn’t mean to push you or anybody (sorry, in case I wrote it in this manner). It’s very impressive what your team achieves! :+1:

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Thanks a lot for your explanation as well! This was indeed not known to me. Maybe I simply forgot to read more information about this in the beginning. :blush: