Raspbee 2 - 2.11.05 / 9.5.2021 still the latest?

According to the firmware list it shows deCONZ_RaspBeeII_0x26690700.bin.GCF
as the last update in dec 2020
Index of /deconz-firmware/ (dresden-elektronik.de)

releases found can be found here. Releases · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin (github.com)

All firmwares are here:

Newest for RaspBee II is:

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Honestly, that page is raising more questions than it answers. The versioning might be understandable for the programmer that created it. But as a user it leaves me confused.

Where is problem? You can orient yourself according to two things:

  • date
  • number in version

What is not clear to u there? U have already indicated your version above - u can’t check if there is a new version on the link based on your data? It seems to me this is at least becoming easy.

the dates are listed,

How does “2.11.05 / 9.5.2021” translate into anything that I see there?

So, I guess my firmware is at the latest stable release. Thank you!

What 'r u talking 'bout? U just mentioned 'bout firmware, but now u 'r talking 'bout deconz versions.

I think all is clear, not? 2.11.05 version of tha Deconz and the release date 9.5.2021, got it?

I think everything is so simple that this question simply should not exist. But still, I hope you figured out the name of the version number. :+1:


Is “2.11.5” aka Manticore the same as “2.11.05 / 9.5.2021” what my Raspbee2 reports?

2.11.5 is the latest stable release which is released on 09.05.2021(Release Manticore · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub)

2.12.1 is the latest beta release which is released on 15.96.2021 (Release Rantanplan · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub)


Obviously as u can see the version number. :wink:

No, last is 26690700, you have 26610700.

Version → version of deCONZ
Firmare → version of firmware of you RaspBee II

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Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Missed this.

The kind how versioning is shown, confuses me (too). Could you please consider adding that the first numbers refers to the deCONZ version, i.e. add “deCONZ” before “Version”? Thanks a lot!

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I think that better is write this to Github:

I totally agree. I suggest posting a feature request in Feature Requests - deCONZ Community

@Mimiix @Gautama
I understand that there is already work in progress:

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