Zigbee network progressing, but some deconz_event 's are not finding their way through?

So I’m still in the process of attaching all my zigbee stuff again, after resetting everything.
There are quite a few devices when you include thermostats, door/window sensors, multisensors, motion sensors, lights, switches etc.
All the lights are connected, so I have the basic infrastructure in place.
Now i’m taking it room by room, adding all the final stuff.
In one room I’ve added two ikea puck’s (colour remotes), and they are added fine, but when I try to monitor them in Home Assistant by listening to deconz_event, I don’t see anything from them (I see all the other switches). In the beta phoscon, I noticed that if I press a button, it would flash the headline, but I don’t see that either.
So what is going on, are the event getting stranded somewhere, or what?

Looking in the deconz debug I see this when I press the big button on the hockeypuck switch:

I don’t know if that means that deconz receives the button press, and it’s the transmission to HA that fails, or if the deconz doesn’t understand what the button says.

Which deCONZ version are you currently running? We had two bug fixes for the IKEA 5-button remote in the last v2.12.1-beta version. The remotes with recent firmware gets in a strange mode when the large button is pressed for 5 seconds (see PR descriptions for more details).

It’s running as Home Assistant AddOn, and the versions are:
Phoscon: 2.11.05 / 09/05/2021
Firmware: 26670700

Next problem I’ve encountered is the xiaomi 2-gang battery driven wallswitch, that won’t attach to the zigbee either.

Please execute a firmware update on your ConBee II over a native installation at first.
You can check the beta too with HA under Phoscon App - Login
Let us know how it goes.

What should I update the firmware to? this one?
I have tried it with pwbeta, (not with firmware update) and that didn’t help.

correct, that´s the latest version.
When you are in the beta, go to “Help” → “API Information” → use the filter to set it to the needed device and send the API log here.

I’ve updated the firmware to 266b0700 and I’ve been able to get events from the IKEA hockeypuck.
Next step is the battery xiaomi 2-gang button

Hmm, the Xiaomi won’t connect. I wonder if it’s connecting to a device that was in the old network, and doesn’t find the new network? I’ll have to get the last two routers connected, but I can’t do that until next week.

I guess you can reset them on the device itself? We have different Xiaomi devices here and never need to kick out them over another router. Otherwise, same procedure as mentioned before: go to the API Info and send us the log of the Xiaomi device.

It’s finally stable, took quite a while, some lights had to be removed reset and readded, but for now everything is responding, though sometimes the IKEA blinds takes two buttonpresses to react. It makes me very hesitant of doing any upgrades :frowning:
I can see that there is an update from 2.11.5 to 2.12.6 available for me now, but even though I can not see the new IKEA styrbar controller in deconz (only in phoscon), I think I’ll wait with the upgrade.