ZBMINI-L not working when triggered by group

i have an issue with ZBMINI-L when using his related group in phoscon.
when switching on/off the ZBMINI-L dedicated as a single device in the group it works as expected.
when triggering on/off on the whole group all devices are following the group commands except the ZBMINI-L.

in short: the ZBMINI-L is NOT working when using the related group.
any hints ?

phoscon 2.19.01
raspee 26400500

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I have the same problem with the ZBMINI-L2.
Not working in the group setting. I can also turn it on/off in iobroker/deconz when used as the light, but not when the group is used.

Phoscon 2.22.02
Raspbee II Firmware 26780700

Hello, perhaps this device don’t support group ?

The device haven’t the group cluster.

Ok I see.
Can this be added? Can I do this in the DDF?

Or can I control/bind the switch itself in the phoscon app? I only can control groups in phoscon?

I also do have a motion sensor from sonoff. This device also doesn’t have a group cluster, but I can use it in the phoscon-app in groups?

This can’t be added as it’s in the devices firmware