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What gives? All my posts that contain links or screenshots (IMHO relevant and pertinent to the topics and deCONZ/Phoscon) have been flagged and are now hidden.

Aren’t we allowed to share screenshots of deCONZ here?
Aren’t we allowed to share links to GitHub where people like ebaauw share the inner workings of deCONZ or the REST-API?

Lol, I alrady have it on another forum ^^.
Wait for moderator explanation, but it’s a security in the forum site, for exemple if you are a new user and make too much url link.

Don’t worry, nothing against you.


Ah, okay, thanks!

Happened to me with my first posting as well.
Don’t make you feel absolutely welcome, but I think it’s an initial Bot check, so bear with …
Was allowed after a few hours …

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I allowed them al.

The reason is that your a fairly new user and the spam detection triggers on urls in posts. Apparently, your a spam bot according to the forums :sweat_smile:.

I’ll review the bot triggers after my holiday.

If you encounter this in the feature, please reach out to me or a mod directly :blush:

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