Xiaomi: Status Not reachable

It seems I am getting random Xiaomi disconnects on a range of my devices. Switches ( WXKG01LM) and Motion
YTC4041GL. Status Not reachable.

I also see on the Motion sensor it states version unknown even for the ones that works.

Firmware : 26660700

If I follow this steps I can reset the connection bust seems to stop working after a few days again.

I have 2 x TRÅDFRI Signal Repeater don’t think range is the problem.

Hello, are you using the GUI to check for mesh ? The sensor can ignore your Repeater.
They are incompatible too with somes brands Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected - Devices - Hubitat

If the device use direct connexion, have you try using the USB extension ? and avoiding USB 3.0 ?

From my memory no compatibilites issue with the ikea repeater.