Xiaomi plug "became" open/close sensor?

I have 3 Xiaomi plugs that have been working fine for a few years. However one went unavailable in Home Assistant because it has disappeared in deConz and Phoscon. The device page in Home Assistant is at the bottom of this post. It shows the switch is unavailable, as is the “switch as light” helper (all 3 of these switches are set up the same way).

However magically there’s now a “OpenClose 108” sensor. Pressing the button on the plug toggles this sensor, so obviously it’s connected. And while the device name in deConz was “Xiaomi 2”, in HA the device is now “LightLevel 104”. In deConz/Phoscon there is “OpenClose 108” as shown below:


I deleted “OpenClose 108” and the plug automatically went into pairing mode. When I added the plug again using Phoscon, it finds no new lights (which is where these plugs are normally added), but deConz shows a new device, and in HA the device is now called “Consumption 103”:


At least this version doesn’t think it has a battery, but it’s still not being handled correctly. Is this yet another device I should just put in the rubbish?

Here is what I see in Home Assistant:


What else to say than the joy of Chinese devices not following a standard?

Could you share the manufacturer and model from the basic cluster and put both devices side by side with the clusters expanded? Like to see if there are any differences and is yes, which.