Xiaomi Motion Sensors Stay in the motion triggered state


Over the lasat couple of days my Xiaomi motion sensors are always in the triggered state and I cannot determine why.

HA Setup:
Home Assistant 2023.1.7/Supervisor 2022.12
deCONZ v2.20.1

Has anyone experienced this?

Hello, you have updated something recently ?
battery level are fine ? All motions sensors have same issue ? You have same reaction if you take a look in phoscon ?


Perhaps Xiaomi Devices weird behavior after Deconz Restart - #5 by Finne75

Not to do with the issue if they stay in the same state.

there are a bunch of us complaining about similar things… in this thread After updating to 2.20.1 , my xiaomi motion sensors stay in motion detection state · Issue #6692 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub
is clearly not a plug in or HA issue.

For example this motion sensor that just detected motion is showing 0 lux…and it did show 0-2 lux for the whole day. Battery shows at 100%…

I also replaced the battery with a new Varta brand and still 0 lux…

on my end, everything came back to normal the following day.
really weird

Let’s keep it in the GitHub issue , so its all together. It confuses if there’s multiple locations for a discussion.

maybe light sensor is a different issue.
I paired the same sensor to an aqara hub and it does report light…

I will remove it in deconz and pair it again…

still 0 Lux after repairing it in deconz :frowning:

tried a 6 months old backup and still 0 . I do not have any automation tied up to that particular sensor so maybe this is why I did not noticed.

I still do not understand why same sensor reports lux level when paired with Aqara app and 0 otherwise and why some other sensors are reporting lux values in deconz!

I’ve logged Aqara original motion sensor not reporting correctly illuminance in some sensors · Issue #6700 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub for the specific illuminance sensor reporting. Thanks!