Xiaomi Mi Door-/Windowsensors MCCGQ01LM not pairing any more with current RaspBee firmware


I have many Xiaomi MCCGQ01LM connected to my RaspBee.

After the last firmware update I was not able to pair any new or old device any more.

I can see it in deCONZ, but only with an ID.
If I open “Edit DDF” it looks similar to the already connected devices.
But it is not pairing and name persists on the ID.

I have now downgraded the firmware to 26340500 and it is now working again.

Is this bug known?

Some more information:
It was not working with Version: 2.13.04 / 18.12.2021 and FW: 26390500
It works with Version: 2.13.04 / 18.12.2021 and FW: 26340500

Best regards

OK, I updated manually to FW: 26390500 and it worked.

Don’t know, why this FW Update was not shown in the App.

Thanks and regards