Xiaomi-Mi Aquara Smart Plug ioBroker dosen`t get current power (W) or milli Ampere anymore


I have connected the three Aquara Smart Plug via the ConBee II (universal Zigbee USB-Gateway) on a RasPi4.

  • ConBee II Firmware: 26780700
  • deCONZ Version: 2.19.03 / 19.9.2022

Within Phoscon App/Webpage I only see the model and the manufacturer (=LUMI) as light. Under sensors or so I see nothing.
In IoBroker, I use the deConz ZigBee adapter in version 1.3.21, I see three entries:

  • Light, to switch on or off, availability and light intensity
  • Sensor-Consumption
  • Sensor-Power

Switching on and off via Light-on works without any problems. I also recognize very quickly whether the device is available or not.
I only see no changes in Consumption and Power, or partly only with a long delay.
Power in watts used to be displayed but has not been for quite some time now. No matter what I have as a consumer, not even with a heater.
Current milli Ampere or voltage changes sometimes, but if then only with a delay of greater than 3-4 minutes. But if I look at the timestamps of the respective objects, all are not older than 3-5 seconds.

Now the plug is about 20 cm away from the gateway.

Hello, do you have the device model id ?
Because there is so much Aqara smart plug.


I mean „Xiaomi SP-EUC01“.

At Amazon for Exempel

Best regards

So if I right its the "lumi.plug.maeu01’.
There is this comment in the DDF

### Firmware update required

This applies for Xiaomi smart plugs ZNCZ04LM (lumi.plug.mmeu01) and SP-EUC01 (lumi.plug.maeu01). It is mandatory that RaspBee/ConBee I firmware version 0x26400500 (or higher) or RaspBee/ConBeeII firmware version 0x266f0700 (or higher) is installed.

Further the plugs firmware need to be updated via OTA to work well with this DDF.
A more detailed description can be found at: [wiki/Xiaomi-smart-plugs-not-working-correctly](https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Xiaomi-smart-plugs-not-working-correctly)

The DDF work only for

"comment": "DDF for device firmwares at least above 0.0.0_0022, paired with xBee I fw 0x26400500 / xBee II fw 0x266f0700 and above",