Xiaomi light sensor - no battery icon in deCONZ

I have a few of the Xiaomi light sensors lumi.sen_ill_mgl01. They work well, but the battery state is not shown in deCONZ (see picture). I wonder why, because in the API, battery level is reported correctly with 100% (also in Phoscon App). I thought the reason could be maybe the DDF which comes with the current deCONZ version because it uses Xiaomi special reporting, although there is a Power Configuration cluster available. I changed the DDF to use cluster 0001 instead and re-paired the device, but in deCONZ there is still no icon visible - in the API it works. Any idea what is going on here?


    "config": {
        "battery": 100,
        "on": true,
        "reachable": true,
        "tholddark": 12000,
        "tholdoffset": 7000
    "ep": 1,
    "etag": "4dbd861e7605640c0650d27abc7c4f3b",
    "lastannounced": null,
    "lastseen": "2022-10-04T11:58Z",
    "manufacturername": "XIAOMI",
    "modelid": "lumi.sen_ill.mgl01",
    "name": "Light Sensor Work",
    "state": {
        "dark": false,
        "daylight": true,
        "lastupdated": "2022-10-04T11:56:30.045",
        "lightlevel": 19191,
        "lux": 82
    "swversion": "0.0.0_0027",
    "type": "ZHALightLevel",
    "uniqueid": "54:ef:44:10:00:0c:3d:f3-01-0400"

I think you are 100% right ^^.
But it’s the API that is deconz dependent, not the reverse, I don’t think the battery icon on deconz can be impacted using the API or DDF.
But if you edit the DDF to use the cluster 0x0001 you will loose it in the API and third app.

But what is the problem for you ? you are using deconz to check sensor battery state ?

Not really a problem, more a feeling of annoyance that the battery icon is shown for most other devices but not for this one, and I do not understand why, given that the battery status is seemingly reported correctly. Like an itch that you cannot scratch if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

lool, I have some “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” too.

I m joking, I know what you mean ^^, I don’t like not understanding something.