Xiaomi devices not switching parent in mesh

Hi, I have many devices of various brand all integrated, I have problems with Xiaomi door / window sensors, practically after i have integrated them shortly do not send more and I have to reintegrato again. Then what I wonder is if in a room I have lights, switches because they connect to a much distant repeater? And why are some times not shown to which repeat are connected?

I am not sure what to do with this topic. Your title asks for how the mesh works but there’s a question about your own setup in here.

I changed the title and category accordingly

Yes, thanks for the change,

I just wanted to understand how the integration of a device into a network works, in order to understand if there is something wrong with my configuration or it is a signal problem, of xiaomi devices in this case or other…

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No Xiaomi/Aqara (at least actual version) never change their parent (but it s a device defaut), it s because of that it s better to include devices at their definitive place, and sensor after router.

They are too incompatible with some brands Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected - Devices - Hubitat

And zigbee generaly prefer direct connexion, so you realy need to have a bad direct connexion for they use the router.

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I just added 10-15 Aqara sensors BEFORE placing them throughout my house. Should I delete and re-add them in place to improve their signal? I have Hue bulbs throughout the house.

that would be good @jay

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But no need to delete them, just re-add them.
Xiaomi/Aqara can move in the mesh if you short press the button too (but untested on my side)

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