Xiaomi bulbs do not respond after backup and restore of Phoscon Backup

I just made a Phoscon backup of the Docker config, stopped it and then restored the complete backup to deconz 2.14.1 on a Pi 4 with the other Conbee II stick and started it. All devices looked to be working fine at first sight (all sensors at least), but my Aqara bulbs were blinking blue but did not respond to any command it seems (not even a Read of the Basic cluster).

Restoring a working GW backup to another Conbee II should just work, right?

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I retried the same procedure today and this time it worked fine, all devices are up and running!

  • Created the backup of the Docker deconz version in Phoscon
  • Turned off the Docker
  • Restored the backup to the Pi 4 with the SD card image (ConBee SD-card images)

BTW: I used 2 separate Conbee II usb sticks.