XHK1-UE manufactured by Xfinity only showing up as Temp Sensor

When adding the xhk1-ue keypad I get only the temperature, battery and tampared sensor and not the full functionality of the keypad (alarm panel) - am I missing something?

Did you check the issue I mentioned on the github issue?

Yes, I did. And I was not able to follow the solution to be honest as it is a very crowded git hub thread. Maybe I am also missing some skills.

@Robban can you check here?

My guess would be that the alarm system in deCONZ is not properly setup for the keypad.

I’d need debug logs from deCONZ integration to make any proper assessment. You can find out how to enable debug from deCONZ integration documentation webpage

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We are making some test ATM on keypad, you have some things to try here Frient intelligente KeyPad · Issue #5352 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

But pls, say us what you do and what is making the “magic happen”

Have you already set a “defaut pin” in the alarm system ?
If not, set it first, and re-include the keypad.