Windows Sensor with DDF does not report open/close


I got a window sensor which was not recognized by deconz so I created my first DDF file. Pretty simple it looks. I just choose “ZHAOpenClose”. On first time it was recognized and with the first sensor I also received events on open/close.

Then I did have some problems when restarting deconz as the DDF was not recognized. Now this is solved but the device still doesn’t report open/close. I did delete it completely and reconnected it but still doesn’t send events.

Here how my DDF does look like:

Any ideas what to set in the DDF to get this working?

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I can’t get this sensor working.

  1. problem the zone status attribute does not change when alarm1 changes

  1. then I added the bindings but no idea if this is ok?

Bindings DDF

Any idea?


After finished you will have in your ddf something like

  "bind": "unicast",
  "src.ep": 01,
  "cl": "0x0500"

If you make only the bind, without the reporting (some device don’t use report)

After looking for sample, all other devices use the bind, but not the report, so make a try a test with only the bind.

and BTW can you copy paste your DDf if it s not working ?