Why does the Phoscon gateway cause so many DNS queries?

I have noticed that my Phoscon gateway sends requests to the name server almost every second:

Some of them are completely meaningless, e.g. nobody.yourvserver.net.fritz.box

Does anyone know more about this and can explain it?


Please post in English.

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I chenged it

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@de_employees Can you check in :)?

Hmm that’s odd I don’t think this is from deCONZ :thinking:
Do these requests also continue when deCONZ is closed?

I have no idea how to do it, it is a phoscon gateway and I use the deConz Adapter under ioBroker to get the data.



As I understand it, it is constantly making NTP requests to different time servers. But it could be way more …

Hello everyone,

I probably found the cause after I connected to the gateway via VNC.

There was still the window “Let’s set up the Raspberry”.

After I set up the time zone and everything else there, the number of queries decreased significantly.

This is just for information, in case someone has similar problems by chance.

Yep, after that only one dns request every 45 minutes