Which zigbee alarm keypad/control?

Hi all,

Currently I have implemented an Aqara hub to Home Assistant and also Deconz to this.
Now I’m looking for a Zigbee control, for disarming and arming my alarm home.

Which control I can connect to Deconz?
I’m searching something like this:

Heiman Zigbee3.0 Smart Alarm Afstandsbediening Met 4 Sleutel Met Arm Ontwapenen Thuis Alarm Sos Functie|Alarm Systeemkits| - AliExpress

Tuya Smart Leven App Controle Zigbee Afstandsbediening Met 4 Sleutel Arm Ontwapenen Thuis Arm Sos Knop Een Sleutel alarm Voor Ouderen|Alarm Systeemkits| - AliExpress

Can this be paired to Deconz?

Honnestly hard to know, it s generic stuff, you can have 5/6 differents manufacture name, for the same physical device.

Clones are easy to add, just need to add the modelid+ manufacture name. But you can have a special device with tuya unlock sequence.

From my experience with other device (siren), I choose Heiman instead of Tuya (for the same device apparently) because it didn’t use tuya specific cluster and then seems more compliant to ZHA … But I can’t assure that it’s always the case.

Ok so both of them isn’t sure if it will work well with Deconz?

Without the manufacture name, not possible to know.