Where is config file of Deconz in the SD?

The SD where Deconz is installed doesn’ reboot anymore correctly (but is readable).
I installed Deconz in a new SD.
Is there a way to catch the old configuration from the old SD and put in the new?
The SD image is Raspbian Buster Desktop

Hello, You have the network config in the gateway.
And the device database and other config file in /home/pi/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/

But if you have make a backup using phoscon, you can just use it to restore all your network

My last backup using Phoscon is old (16/04/2022)

If you have not added new devices or few of them, can be enought. The database don’t move a lot.

I added and re-paired many devices.
Anyway I think your method worked.
I brutally overwrote deCONZ folder.