Where do I find the definitive guide to deconz on synology?

I’ve got two problems. One how do I move to deconzcommunity docker image without docker compose, I use the UI within synology nas? And I can’t seem to make a backup (backup fails), so I assume I’m going to have to add all my lights and sensors once again?

I also updated my Synology losing usb connection to the conbee II. How do I prevent that from happening?

Also I recently moved my HA from docker to viftual machine on my nas. Maybe it’s a good time to ditch the deconz docker and use the add on within Ha? But how do I connect the conbee II stick to the usb of the virtual machine?

Any advice or link to a recent correct how to is welcome.

I think it s better to ask that on synology forum.
Here you have the supported plateforms ConBee II Installation
There is too a docker image, but not made by dreseden.