Where ConbeeII compiled firmware binaries are located now?

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the following location supposed to contain latest stable and beta releases for ConbeeII:

but last update for ConbeeII found here is from Aug 19.
I see at github a huge amount of beta versions already released including even stable version 2.13.4 (https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/releases/tag/v2.13.4), but it’s compiled version is not published anywhere.

Could anybody point me where compiled firmware binaries for ConbeeII are located now?

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I think you mixe firmware and version.
The last firmware for the conbee II is 26720700 (08/19/2021). The last stable version of deconz is 2.13.4 (12/18/2021)

This is not the same thing.

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Yeah ) You are probably right! ) I, however, though there is a direct mapping between deconz version and fw version i.e my thought was that v2.12.6 of Deconz maps to 0x26720700 fw version…
Several betas of deconz contain changes I’ve been waiting for and I’m trying to find when it will be released in fw…

Version and firmware are not linked. I thinks you’ve to wait for the beta compilation and it’ll be avaleable in : Index of /deconz-firmware/beta/

OK, if version and fw are not linked, does it mean that to get latest deconz I need update my docker container? And no need to update fw?

OK - did just this ) - I’ve updated my docker container from https://github.com/deconz-community/deconz-docker and voila! ) I’ve got deconz version as the “latest stable” 2.13.04 / 12/18/2021. Thanks, @Idaho947!

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