When will a new bullseye repository be available?

Hello, I purchased a new Raspberri Pi 3 with the intention of installing deCONZ on it. However, I discovered the Raspberry Pi has a new operating system – Bullseye and the Buster repository will not work. When will an update to the repository be made that will support Bullseye?

Thank you.

The step 3 from here (beta APT-Repo) works.

The next stable release 2.13.x will also work for Bullseye. Then you can change back to the stable Repo. The last stable was created before Bullseye was published.

Thank you for the reply.
I did as you suggested and installed the beta APT-Repo. However, after installing deconz I cannot get the application to come up when I click the icon.
Any ideas?
Thank you

in my case, it was missing the wiringpi package. This has become deprecated in bullseye and won’t be shipped.
The repo of the programmer is down/not accessible.
So currently, no clue for me how to get this working

Bullseye support 2.12.6 and like said before the next stable release 2.13.x

Please check your deconz.list if you have bullseye-beta because bullseye will not running in my case.

In /etc/apt/sources.list.d edit deconz.list and set bullseye-beta (see screenshot)

Thank you for the message sirinveen.
I have not yet done your suggested update but I noticed the following error messages. What do you think they mean?

Thank you,

Hi Scott,

This message probably come because you haven’t set this update (bullseye-beta)

And which version of deconz you have?

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