What URLs are supposed to work?

I have 2.18 running on a Windows 10 Pro machine.

What URLs are supposed to work when I connect to it? Because /app, /discover and just the root / don’t work. I can get in via /pwa and calls via /api

I ask this because I’m debugging what might be going wrong with something else (a plug-in for Homeseer) and that throws a 404 when trying to reach http://<ip.address>:80 but subsequent calls it makes to http://<ip.address>:80/api/ are working fine.

Was there something in the recent updates that changed what URLs get set up on a Windows machine?

I ask here because when I ask the plug-in developer I want to have him be able to use whatever is considered the ‘proper’ way to check.

Otherwise things seem to work well, keep up the great work!


I don’t think the url without “api” is used

Because /app, /discover don’t work


You haven’t disabled the discovery ? (can be set in phoscon) else it look like an issue.

Where? In the /pwa/settings-gateway2.html page? Or from the program UI?

However, I just noticed that 2.19 on windows does not install anything other than ‘pwa’ in the deCONZ\bin\plugins\de_web directory. I went back and installed several past versions. 2.13 was the last to include it.

It would appear that version 2.14 stopped installing webapp. Why?

checking with Manup.

Might have been something going wrong there on creating it.

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The Old webapp should be there (Just checked with 2.19.1)
When installed as Admin the directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\deCONZ\bin\plugins\de_web
Else it is in Users/appdata/local directory.

The install in question was into an appdata directory, and did not include the webapp. And yesterday, when attempted to do installs with previous versions (leading to me finding it went missing after 2.13) the installs were also going into an appdata folder. But this morning, when I did the install using “Run as Administrator” it picked the Program Files (x86) directory and installed everything? And even after I removed that (using the control panel) it still uses the x86 directory, not appdata any more.

So I’m guessing at some point the install method of using appdata wasn’t (isn’t) putting the webapp files into it? I can’t seem to repeat this now.