What is DDF and how to change it to gold?

Acutally i’m running phoscon / deconz since several years. Tho it’s “just” a raspberry with a usb-device and headless software running as gateway for devices and i manage kinda everything on openhab.
Since a few days i own several outlets form “Lidl” model TS011F. The outlets are ment to show the power consumption, but aren’t.
I searched a while and found an issue on github, where other had the same problem, but devs are telling, its not a bug, but you have to “change the DDF to gold” and everything unclear have to be descussed on the forums…
So, as I don’t know what it is and how to do so…
What is DDF? Do i have to really know it as a simple user?
And how do i change it to “gold”, while running phoscon / deconz on a headless raspberry?
Is there any tutorial about this and do i have to do this once, or for every device?

DDF is a file that describes a device (Device Description File) - basically the support for a device in deCONZ. Gold is the status of the file, only gold is used by default: DDF cheat sheet · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

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On headless OS you can use a simple text editor to change the status, but remember there is a folder where DDF are reset at every new deconz version, the other one will stay untouched.
If you use docker or HA, you need to use a persistent folder.

A change on a DDF will impact all devices that will use this DDF.

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Thanks to you both!

So when i get it right, DDF is like the thing files in openhab, which will tell the system the abilities of a device and how to handle it.
Also when i understand it right, changing DDF will affect all devices of same type, but only for current deconz version, so i would have to edit it after every update.

Further you say:

Gold is the status of the file, only gold is used by default

and also the cheat sheet says:

However, as of now, any DDF in status Gold will automatically be put active upon start.

But when “gold” is default and active (sorry, still don’t get, what gold status mean there in detail, but think this is not important for solving the problem), I’m curious why the dev say the user have o change the status to gold. (see there: Lidl Silvercrest _TZ3000_j1v25l17 does not show energy consumption · Issue #7381 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub). As i see

PS: I don’t run docker or HA-version. Just clean ubuntu server + deconz.

No, you can override the “stock” DDF files:

if you place it in “your” folder it wont get overwritten.

Example: https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/blob/master/devices/ikea/fyrtur_block-out_roller_blind.json this DDF has status “Draft”. In case you want to use it: put it into /home/<DECONZUSER>/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices/ikea/

and change

"status": "Draft",


"status": "Gold",
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I see what you mean.

Just to make it clear: “draft” is like beta-status of the device? And to make it work with all “extras” and features i have to switch it to gold, which would be like “fully supported” status?

I’ve searched the device, as you mentioned, on github: https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/blob/d47704572df09b29304bc06da97a3e73fb1e56a7/devices/lidl/hg08673.json#L4
Looks like the status is already “gold” for this. Last change a month ago, while the issue i linked before was closed 4 days ago. So at this time status was already gold and no need to change it, but still don’t work, or do i miss something?

funny thing … followed the path on cheat sheet /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/ and see, localy the status is silver, while on github the status is gold … seems like the local file was not updated (yet?). Creation date is 7th Nov.
Is there the “right” way to update it? My first idea would be to stop deconz, edit and overwrite the local file contents with that of github, save and restart

It was set to Gold in 2.25.x beta (Update hg08673 smartplug DDF to Gold by BabaIsYou · Pull Request #7407 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub). I guess you’re running 2.24.x (stable).

You can wait for the final release of 2.25.x or just use the DDF from the beta (copy to your locale filesystem)

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You’re right, I’m currently running 2.24.2

Sadly no luck adding the new file by hand so far.

I’ve deleted the smart plug from phoscon, stopped deconz service and replaced the local version of /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/lidl/hg08673.json with the github one.
Started the deconz service again, waited for everything to be up and re-connected the device. After this added the device to openhab, but still got only the “switch on/off”, “duration” and “last seen” channels. No chance to see the power consumption :frowning:
Also i don’t know, whether there should be shown anything in the phoscon app in addition at this device. On other devices, like Ikea Tradfri plugs, i can see at least the firmware version. Also i see this on the Lidl smart multi-socket device. But on this one i just see the manufacturer and model name, nothing more.

It seem you miss lot of informations, the version need to be visible even on old version.
Can you share the manufactureName ? It’s something like TZ3000_abcdef.
You can see it in phsocon with luck else in phoscon/help/API Information/light, but the plug need to be included.

If you have model not present in the DDF, It can explain all your problems.

It’s exactly the device from the linked issue on github. Also the device is listed on github with gold status and silver at my current version 2.24.2
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_j1v25l17
Model: TS011F

Edit: I’ve added the same file to my personal config, as @jan666 mentioned above and restarted my server. Now i finally see the additional features (voltage, power, current and firmware version).
Still a riddle, why the original file in /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/ isn’t active.

Good question, and OpenHab have a real OS so no special problem …
Your procedure is fine for me.

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Just one more question:
After i see the required information in phoscon now, I’d like to “work” with it in openhab.
Tho, obenhab recognize the plugs as “onofflight”, which seems to be intended for smart plugs with basic function (switching).
Like It’s here in the documentation: deCONZ - Bindings | openHAB
But when i take a look at channels, like power (for power consumption) or voltage (for measureing the voltage) it’s said, that the channels are available for sensors, not for plugs.
Is the Binding (aka plugin) developed by the deconz community here, or is it a part of openhab community?
Just want to get clear where to ask for further support to make the plugs work with all features in openhab.

Your device exposes 1 light and 2 sensor resources. Power and consumption come from the sensors. Maybe you have to add them manually in openhab?

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you’re totaly right!
Sorry, i was kinda blind.
The Power Outlet (switch) itself got the name i gave it in phoscon.
The other sensors got just generic names, but i have to look at the adress to get it