What does the red line under a node in deCONZ mean?

I searched in github, this forum and in the user manual but I cannot find any information about what this red line on the bottom of nodes indicate/mean?


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You seem to have found a easter egg.

This was supposed to be a hidden feature when you press s on a router it sends the energy scan result which is displayed under the node (ED value colum in Node List shows the numeric value). Looks like some nodes send this on their own.


What is Energy Scan?

No clue, that’s what I’ve heard from @manup

The energy scan lets a device report how much energy on a Zigbee channel is detected (aka how much the channel is occupied) the values are in dBm.

For the reports which are send by devices without a former requests there will be a few fixes in v2.13.2 so to correct the display here, as usually the red part should be much shorter.