What does it mean when an end node becomes yellow?

What does it mean when an end node becomes yellow? I’ve never seen it before. But it is in fact no longer updating.


The DeCONZ manual says this:

But I am not sure that this is still correct.

Interested if one of the more knowledgeable users here can clarify

Already posted in dev chat. This shouldn’t happen at all. Not sure what caused this.

For me it’s just a badly inclusion.
The device is not correclty included (the “ffff”)

If you try to include it a second time, you have the same result ?

I tried to pair it again and it came in yellow, but not fully paired somehow. I didn’t notice whether it still said ffff.
But something weird was going on in general. The deCONZ gui “crashed” a couple of times. I could then see it starting up when I logged on VNC. I don’t know if this can be an SD card wear issue or what. But I decided to create a backup in phoscon and flash a fresh image last night. And so far so good.

Can you please share a screenshot of the Node Descriptor from the Node Info panel?

Sure. This is from the freshly installed image though.

Can you please right klick at the node name and choose “Read node descriptor”. That should solve the issue. The sensor must be awake during this action.