Virtual thermostat

We’re soon to put the heating system into our home. We’d like it to discreetly keep a consistent temperature, across multiple zones.

We have some zigbee relays that we can use for turning on/off actuators/heating. And into each zone we’d put a basic zigbee temperature sensor. No wall mounted programmable thermostats.

In the past I’ve used deconz rules/schedules to turn on/off an electric heater as required and it worked really well. But the desired temperature was “hardcoded” into a couple of the rules, as the value in a condition. So if I try to roll this out to multiple zones, and want to keep a consistent temperature across them, a lot of rules would need updating if we ever wanted to adjust the desired temperature.

What I’d like to do is use a virtual CLIPTemperature sensor for the desired temperature. But I’m not sure it’s possible to reference a sensor value, as a rules condition value?

Would really like to keep this all in deconz, as it’s been flexible enough and really efficient for everything we’ve thrown at it so far!

So I had an idea on this. Instead of using a CLIPTemperature sensor, we could have a CLIPGenericStatus with mode values, 01, 2, 3, etc. These could mean 0 = default, 1 = nighttime, 2 = away, etc. Then we could have rules for each mode, with the additional condition on the mode.

It wouldn’t be quite as fine-grained. You wouldn’t be able to tweak individual room temperatures, but I don’t see us wanting that anyway if everything is kept comfortable.

I’ll report back further on how it works once we’ve got it working! Keen to hear anyone else’s experiences doing something similar in the meantime.