Virtual daylight sensor - meaning of status


I’ve been trying to work out the meaning of “status” for the virtual daylight sensor. I am looking at the logs from websocket.

It starts at 100 (around 1am currently) and ends with 230 (a couple of minutes before 100 is sent). Does not seem to be directly related to neither sunrise/sunset nor dark/daylight. Does the status field correspond to something from suncalc? (I tried but could not reverse engineer the results using the suncal javascript. Might be my inability… )

I am interested in a finer control of ligths. Something incremental values in between dark/sunset and daylight/sunrise would be nice. The status field might be useful, but I would like to understand it a bit better before using is!



This is what I’ve documented for pydeconz deconz/ at 76196a36c79b08f27243be13ad5d1ca01b1b9015 · Kane610/deconz · GitHub

Awesome - thanks!

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