Usage of Conbee II with a USB Extender over Ethernet


I’m currently using the Conbee II with a USB 2.0 extension cable that is attached to a RPi 4.
In the future I might to run Phoscon and ioBroker as docker container or as VM on my NAS that is located in my 19" wall housing in the basement. As this housing behaves like a faraday cage I look for a alternatives to have my server backend in the basement and the Conbee II on the ground floor.

Will Conbee II work with a USB Extender over a CAT.6 Ethernet cable. The distance wouldn’t be longer than 20 m.

Or do you know about any USB device server that could do the magic trick?

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Wouldn’t it be just as well as having a USB device server to run Deconz on a raspberry pi with the conbee attached?

That is my current setup.

I would love to have the flexibility to attach the Conbee II stick with a USB extender at any network socket. Also having two devices for one purpose means double administrative work to keep them updated.

But 2 conbee mean 2 deconz instance ? so double administrative work too ?

No I would use only one Conee II stick that is attached with USB extender to a network socket. In my 19" wall housing there would be an ethernet cable linked to the second part of the USB extender that has a USB plug on the other side. So I can plug that side to my NAS.

Ha ok.
But I m agree with Robban, make an independent gateway is a good method, more stability, can work in stand alone mode, …

I finally tried out the product LOGILINK UA0252, a USB extender over Ethernet cable and it works over 2 week without any issues. It is not a cheap solution but until now rock stable.

An advantage is thak the receiver has an built-in 4-port USB switch. So in the future I can attach even more wireless dongles e.g. for Bluetooth.

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