Updates from Changelog not in /deconz-firmware/?

My Phoscon installation (Raspberry pre-installed SD-Image last year) says I am up-to-date and mentions: 2.12.06 / 19.8.2021 - no Update Button available

But there should be newer versions available according to changelog?

I followed the instructions and checked Index of /deconz-firmware/ - but the latest is from August ´21

Did I do any wrong? Thanks for help! (I am pretty new to Deconz and Raspberry so thanks a lot)

Hello, there is 2 different things, the firmware (26350500) and the deconz version (2.15.02 / 21/04/2022).

The more important (for me) is the deconz version, according to your OS / third app, you are using a beta or a stable version. There is no auto update by defaut. You need to update it using for exemple sudo apt-get upgrade or just sudo apt install deconz to not update all the system. If I m right there is an auto update on some docker system.

If your deconz is in date but not the firwmare you will see the message saying your firmware is not in date on Phoscon.


My Phoscon itself states it is up to date. But there are newer versions according to changelog.

Following the update instructions:

Download latest deCONZ firmware. Check https://deconz.dresden-elektronik.de/deconz-firmware for the latest release and replace the filename accordingly.
There should be a newer version in firmware download folder, but isn´t.

So maybe my question is more like: Are newer firmware versions missing in the download folder and is this why my Phoscon doesn´t offer an update?

They are shipped with updates. Firmware = Stick . Version = Software.

Software needs to be updated manually(installing new version on Windows, using apt-get on Linux)

Firmware is something that Phoscon can do, but I would never do that as it most of the time fails. Phoscon references to the firmware as being “up to date”.

To update the firmware, i recommend this guide: Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub