Update to 2.12.6 and Firmware 267700700/26720700 NO connection at all

Describe the bug

I’ve updated my system to latest stable release and latest firmware. But with latest conbeeII firmware 26700700 or 26720700 nothing is connecting. If I go back to Firmware 26680700 then everything seems to work.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

If the problem is reproducable, list the steps here:

  1. Update to 2.12.6
  2. Update conbeeII Firmware to 26700700 or 26720700
  3. restart the system
  4. After waiting minutes no connections show in deconz gui and nothing ist working

I can see in logs following entries:
11:47:04:328 apsUseExtPanid is 0x23D1DDDDDDDDCDAB but should be 0, start reconfiguration
11:47:04:328 Skip automatic channel change, TODO warn user

Do I have to change something on my configuration?

Expected behavior

Should setup connections like with firmware 26680700



see screenshots

  • Host system: (NAS)
  • Running method: (Ubuntu)
  • Firmware version: (26720700)
  • deCONZ version: (2.12.6)
  • Device: (ConBee II)
  • Do you use an USB extension cable: (yes)
  • Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? If so: Which? ZWave Stick on separate powered USB extension

Moved from deCONZ to deCONZ > General Support

I had to reload the conbeeII configuration and after this it did work.