Update problem conbee 2

Hello everyone.
Here is my concern:
I wanted to update my conbee 2 to go from the version ofCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26720700.bin;GCF to the version ofCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26780700.bin.GCF.

Using the procedure: Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

And now I have this interface:

PS: I’m using Ubuntu 22.04

translated with google translate.

Can you try a different browser?

Could be browser cache :thinking: (which usually resolves when pressing Ctrl-F5 to refresh)
Which deCONZ version are you using?

Good evening @Mimiix and @manup ,

You are champions…thank you for your information and indeed my Firefox was faulty…

I have progress to make in computers and in English too…

Thanks again for your insights…