Update from 2.15.01 to 2.15.02 breaks some Hue motion sensors, hue dimmer switch and others sensors

Describe the bug

Update from 2.15.01 to 2.15.02 breaks two of the three philips hue motion sensors I have, one Philips hue dimmer switch, an aqara vibration sensor, a friend of hue switch, an aqara smoke sensor (3 others not) and one aqara window sensor. The devices or gone in phoscon and in the deCONZ GUI viewer.

By the way, after the update to 2.15.02 also several aqara sensors are not reachable, but I can enable them again in the deCONZ GUI viewer.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Switching back to 2.14 or 2.15.01 did not help since the sensors/switches are gone in phoscon. I can add the devices again to phoscon, but after a restart (stop/start of the docker) all these devices are gone again.

Expected behavior

Devices should still be available after the update to 2.15.02 and also remain available when restarting deconz.


Screenhots would not help here, the devices are just gone.


  • Host system: Qnap 253be NAS
  • Running method: Docker container
  • Firmware version: 26720700
  • deCONZ version: 2.51.01
  • Device: ConBee II
  • Do you use an USB extension cable: yes
  • Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? If so: Which?, APC UPS and zwave usb stic

Can confirm. Here exactly the same: 3 HUE motion sensors vanish after container restart.

If I downgrade to 2.15.01, include all the lost devices again, and then restart the docker (as a test), the devices are still there. So, this part of the problem is 2.15.02 specific.

Hi can you please share which modelid your Hue devices have?

I have only the 1. Gen model SML001 in my setup running on the Silver DDF (native install). My Hue Dimmer 1. Gen RWL021 runs also on DDF, and 2. Gen Hue Dimmer RWL022 with legacy code.

The hue motion sensor that failed is model Motion Sensor 1. Gen (SML001). The sensor that kept working after the update to 2.15.02 has the same modelid.

The hue dimmer switch is Dimmer Switch 1. Gen EU/US, modelID RWL021.

I did a few tests here the Hue devices work with and without DDF support enabled also in the beta docker container. For DDF via config.ini I’m using the following settings as the Hue devices have Silver status:


I wonder also if losing devices after reboot is a file permission issue inside the container? It sounds a bit like the database and new entries aren’t actually written.

Ikea Motion Sensor also lost in 2.15.02.
Not possible to add via phoscon

With 2.15.01 adding again possible.

Maybe a stupid question but how can I enable/disable DDF support? I thought this was handled automatically.

I am now on vacation. I will check my config.ini and file permission later. However, I did not change anything specific with my docker compared to the version before. This is what I use:

docker run -d --name=deconz --privileged --restart=always -e DECONZ_WEB_PORT=880 -e DECONZ_WS_PORT=8443 -itd -v /share/Container/deCONZ:/opt/deCONZ -e DECONZ_DEVICE=/dev/ttyACM1 -e DECONZ_VNC_MODE=1 --net=host -e variable=TZ -e value=Europe/Amsterdam --device=/dev/ttyACM1 deconzcommunity/deconz:2.15.02

I will also check 2.15.03 later.

If your’re running the default settings, it should be fine. By default the Gold status of DDF is enabled, this can be changed via GUI or the config.ini file.

In v2.15.3 there are few more debug log lines to show what DDF status is enabled and also if there are any problems with file permissions, hopefully gives us some hints to investigate further.

So good news from my side: Yesterday, watchtower updated my deconz_stable on 2.15.03 and all sensors are still there. Even after manually restarting the container!
If you need further information pls let me know!

I can confirm this! 2.15.03 indeed seems to work fine.

Since the update from v2.14.1 to v2.15 or v2.16, the lux value of the “1 Gen Hue motion sensor (SML001)” no longer works in complete darkness.

All lux values >0 work.

When it is completely dark, the web interface displays correctly with lux=0, but in the API the lux value remains at the previous value; only the lightlevel value is displayed correctly with 0.