Unplugged Conbee 3 briefly from Raspi... - Integration in Home Assistant does not recognize devices any more

I briefly unplugged my Conbee III from the Rasberry pi 400 I am running on Home Assistant on. After replugging the deConz add on is working, but the integration in Home Assistant does not reconnect. Phoscon still works and connects to devices.
I both rebooted and restarted the whole system; still the same problem.
After 2 hours I am out of ideas.
I am greatful for your advice.

Hi again!
I just send you the mail below… After another hour of searching i stumbled of this:

Apparently, the integration tries to connect to a different gateway address a the one in phoscon is…
Is there a way to change the address either in phoscon/ deconz or in Home assistant integration?