Unable to pair IKEA Tradfri bulb

Hi there,

I successfully set up Phoscon/deCONZ a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend I bought another IKEA Tradfri bulb, but I find myself unable to pair it. All the other already-paired lights and switches work just fine. The bulb is about 20 cm away from my Conbee stick and is flashing rapidly, so it should be factory reset correctly. The Conbee stick is connected to a raspi via a USB extension cord.

Phoscon version: 2.14.01
Firmware version: 26660700
Debug log of my latest pairing attempt: http://sprunge.us/D6VOO1 (I saw something like “permit join” in there, but I don’t understand the logs well enough otherwise to determine what’s happening)

I’d appreciate any help!

Might be worth to try a more recent deCONZ version.

I usually pair the Ikea lights by starting light search in the Phoscon App and then do the following on/off sequence to reset the light: How to reset a TRÅDFRI light bulb - YouTube