Unable to create a backup

I’m having issues to create a backup file. The system (raspi 4, raspbian) was running quite a long time and after an update to openhab 4 the conbee II disconnected all the time.

I did a fresh install of openhab and also deconz. The firmware was also updated to the latest. The issue with the disconnects was probaby fixed with this.
Then I did a restore of the gateway using “backup” “laden” . Since a few items do not exist anymore I cleaned them up and would like to create another backup of the current config. That brings an error

I also tried the backup before importing the old settings, it also did not work. Logs are here: Logs
Any help is appreciated

This is not good

apsUseExtPanid is 0xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but should be 0, start reconfiguration

The last backup you have restored have break something.

If you have acces to the GUI, you can reconfigure it yourself. Can use a PC to do that, you need to have something like

If the openHAB upgrade, have upgraded too the OS, can be the issue for disconnection After a sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade and a reboot deconz no longer connects to the conbee 2 · Issue #6937 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

not sure. I tried that but after a reset I was not able to perform a backup, the log is here

thanks, I found that post and already had that fixed, before it was not showing as connected, vendor and product were missing

I imported an old backup and was able to clean it up (delete obsolete devices) and can now backup. I guesss the initial issue came with the update and the problem with the backup was a messup with the old settings.

Why is the backup file named rasbee_gateway_config ??
I do not have any RPi. My deConz/Phoscon runs in a container on a linux machine.

It’s the defaut name, same for me with a conbee too.