Unable to add Aqara H1 remote button to Phoscon

I have some of these battery powered remote button/dimmers

They report as “lumi.remote.rkba01”

However, whenever I add it to Phoscon (as either a switch or a sensor), the device shows up in deconz, without a name (just a hex id), and Phoscon never reports that the discovery succeeded.
I tried the trick where as soon as you put the device in discovery mode, you keep mashing the button to keep it awake - doesnt help.

All the descriptors appear to be there, and I can see codes change when I press the button - but there is nothing relating to the dimmer either…

Oh, and this is my gateway version

The device isn’t supported yet, please also file a respective device support request in the Github repository.

Thanks @Swoop - all done