Ubisys stability problems

I recently noticed the automations I did with my Ubisys (J1) device don’t work reliable anymore (they did since I crated them). Yesterday I noticed I can’t always control them via HomeKit too. So I looked at my logs and I can see that since 2024-04-10 they always jump from reachable to unreachable and back in small intervals.

There is no problem controling lights and all sensors work without problems like before. I looked at the reachable-logs for the lights (mostly Ikea) but strangely they seem to have stopped updating the reachable since 2024-04-10:

I updated deCONZ on 2024-03-28:

dpkg.log.1:2024-03-28 06:30:16 status installed deconz:armhf 2.26.3

What can I do to debug this? I already restarted deCONZ and did a power cycle for the conbee. For me the Ubisys devices were the most stable in my network - until now.

deCONZ 2.26.3
Conbee III Firnware 26500900

I opened deCONZ GUI to check if I can see something myself. For me it looks normal (Dachfensterrollo Mika, 0x001FEE00000064CE):

but it wens unreachable on 10:04:39:

I tried reading basic cluster - no success. I klicked “read node descriptor” and it immediately came back as reachable (10:06:08). I had the debug log open (just removed all the websocket entries) but I dont really understand what’s going on here: 10:03:54:986 rule event /config/localtime: 10:03:53.985 -> 10:03:54.985 (1000ms) - Pastebin.com

Another log, this time “Dachfensterrollo Erik” (0x001FEE0000005AD1). Unreachable 10:55:38 - 10:56:43. It came back without any interaction

Another log, this time 2 devices: 0x001FEE00000064CE and 0x842712FFFE55EB5E. Unreachable from 11:05:31 til 11:07:23

…and it looks like after one week and ~6 hours the problem just disappeared without doing anything. WTF?