Ubisys S1 is falsely shown as a plug

The in-wall switch Ubisys S1 (5501) is incorrectly shown in phoscon as plug, while all Ubisys S2 and S2-R devices are correctly assigned as lights (however both are labelled the same as “Leistungsschalter S2”).


Indeed, it is incorrectly shown as a plug because of its model type “plugin_unit”…
I’ll fix that.

Or perhaps the DDF needs to be fixed…? The S2 switches have type “on_off_output”

so what is correct?

Solution: The type “on_off_plugin_unit” is wrong. I’m fixing the DDF. So in one of the next deCONZ versions, when you pair the switch again it should be displayed correctly in the Phoscon App.

Hi Chris,

Would you be able to provide the info somewhere on the wiki on how Phoscon works with this? Just so this can be taken into account with development on deCONZ side.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s just that Phoscon handles every device with the type “SMART_PLUG” which is common for Aqara smart plugs and “…PLUGIN_UNIT” which is e.g. the case on Tuya devices as smart plugs.

I think it is the wrong type for a switch. And other ubisys switch also have the correct type “…OUTPUT”

So essentially there is nothing more to account for then setting the correct device type in the DDF.

But it would be nice to have these things documented :wink:

Can you give me a link where I can write somethink?

Feel free to create a page and add it to the index :slight_smile:

Yes it’s an on_off_output.