TZE200_dfxkcots recognized as smartplug instead of dimmable light switch

I’m using device TZE200_dfxkcots which is dimmer switch. I’ve seen a discussion about it here.

Phoscon version is 2.13.04 / 12/18/2021 and firmware 26680700 inside latest homeassistant 2021.12.8

I’ve tried multiple times to add it and remove it however nothing changed.

Here is some info from deconz

If someone could help me how to change this to dimmer it wout be super usefull.


weird…after restart of deconz plugin it seems to be working now. I just needed to manually remove entity and device from core.entity_registry and core.device_registry in HA and everything is fine now.

Unfortunately not, it’s normal, long story, but deconz have problem to reconize some tuya stuff, can be solved using DDF.

sorry, what is DDF?

Short story DDF cheat sheet · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub
It s json file used by deconz that can do lot of things and for exemple help for detection.

@Smanar don’t you know if there is a way how to speed up the light dimming when turning the switch on/off?

Good question, I have same issue, unfortunately I have no clue about that.
I don’t have the tuya app to see if the device have this feature and I don’t see information about this feature on others zigbee project.
And as it use tuya cluster, there is nothing in zigbee specification for it.

That’s a pity. Would it be possible to change the type of a bulb? Mine is sometimes flickering (it’s a led bulb from philips), maybe there is some config for it. This guy here is changing the bulb type Smart Dimmer Switch WIFI UNBOXING AND COMPLETE SETUP - YouTube

There is something in the manual about that ? Tuya are cheaper devices, I don’t think they have this kind of settings. Never see that on my side.

At least there is a screenshot from that application which is in video.

There is a possibility of setting the Select type of your lamp and then Set the minimum brightness of the dimmer with description Please set the minimu brightness of your lamp and try to dimm your lamp. If the lamp is flashing or turned off, increase the brightness until it works well

Seems like there could be some additional attribute.

But it s the same device ? The video is about the wifi version, but it look same ?

I have it in paper manual which was packaged with device. Do you want to take a photo of it?

No, I trust you, but I have make a search on other zigbee project no more information about this feature.
If it exist, someone with the tuya app need to use it and sniff the zigbee request to get it.