Two Instances of deConz running?!


I have connected the Conbee II stick on my Pi (4B-8GB) and run deconz with a Docker container. (So that my sensors are recognized for the Homebridge).
Everything is running fine actually.

I have linked the login ip to a subdomain via Caddy. Only people with the right VPN profile get to the interface :wink:

When I enter in the browser, I get to the Conbee 2 stick and can set up my devices. This Ip I have also linked at my domain respectively the port.

When I open the domain, I am shown another environment of deconz. (On the picture the box and not the stick) Although the IP/Port is actually the same.
In the instance of the box also does not work my set password, at the instance with the stick picture already.

Does anyone have an idea what I need to change?

Fixed it ?

I don’t know what do are doing whith your network, but if this one is too much complex better to use the local ip than the deconz website.

On your capture the second one is working ?