Tuya ZigBee TS0044 4-button not control outputs LEDs

The integration of the scene switch Tuya ZigBee TS0044 4-button identified as _TZ3000_wkai4ga5 correctly detects the events, but does not control the 4 output LEDs.

Hello, I m searching information about the LED.
It’s a wireless device ? so LED stay never on ?

Hello, I do not know if it is correct to put purchase links in this forum. But if you search results on AliExpress with Tuya ZigBee 4 input HIMOJO smart switch device you will find it.

Yeah and from that I m seing it’s a battery device with nothing special on LED, It’s for that I m asking.

Correct. But when integrating the device with Phoscon in Home Assistant, 4 lamp switches (controls) appear that I suppose coincide with the 4 LEDs that the device has. In fact, pressing each button turns on the corresponding LED. But when physically pressing on the switches the corresponding event is produced but it is not reflected in the Home Assistant switches, and vice versa, when activating the Home Assistant switches the LEDs do not light up.

Haaa ok, so no, it s an issue it’s deconz that badly reconize the device, the legacy code reconize 4 light and the DDF code crate the ZHAswitch.
This issue is corrected on last beta, I think the 4 lights entries will be removed when you re-include the device in some time with the next version.

Okay. It is understood. I’ll be watching when a new version of deConz comes out to see if it has been fixed. Thanks for the help. I close the case.