Tuya Zigbee Hub vs Conbee - Cannot connect switch


I have a problem. I ordered a MoesGo 3-Way Smart Switch. The description said that this need a Tuya Zigbee Hub. I thought that this should go with the conbee II as well, but at phsocon i cannot find this switch. Are “Tuya Zigbee Hub” and the “Conbee II Zigbee Hub” totally different things?

Link: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B096X834WB

Yes they are.

Hmm, ok. And the only chance to get this working is to buy a dedicated tuya hub, right? Zigbee != Zigbee -.- Long lives the standard… or standard"s"…

But thanks for quick reply

It might get support on deconz. Check the githubs wiki to read some things.

Yep some wired tuya switch are already supported (need 2 inclusions)
And btw as it’s a wired device, you will not see it in switch but light.

What do you mean with “(need 2 inclusions)”?

Inlude the device 2 times, the reset procedure, without deleting something after the first one.
Else can follow the Mimiix advice, with more information I can perhaps tell you if the device can be added using DDF or not (or if this one is already in the code)

What kind of information do you need to tell me?

If you can’t give all captures, I need at least the first capture ( Screenshot of the Basic cluster)with the manufacture name and the model identifier, you can give them here, to know if the device is supported or not. (or easy to add)
On the gihub, you can be closed for incomplete issue.

Hmm, i have only this node here in deconz, but i think thats not what you need :frowning:

Ok, i had to configure first… But the tuya switch does not come up

Select the cluster “Basic” 0x0000, then on the cluster panel press “read” to fill the table.
All informations will be on the table.

But you are sure its the good device link on the first post ? The node don’t look like a wired device (IAS clusers)

It seems to be the ConBee II dongle (Configuration tool), not MoesGo 3-Way Smart Switch, that is in this screenshot.

@RockKeeper : you have to join your switch into the network to have it in the GUI