Tuya Zigbee Curtain Module Model: QS-zigbee-C01

need help with invers shutter status in end position (not motor direction)

I have added the device QS-zigbee-C01 (Manufacturar is _TZ3000_fccpjz5z = TOMTOP )in deconz via Phoscon. It worked fine!
I could calibrate it with the description i found here:


In Homeassistant the status fully open / fully closed is inverted.
The direction of the Motor is ok. But the sensor status of the roller shutter is invers.
That means if the shutter is 100% open, HA mark it as 0% an the button to go down ist disabled.
If the shutter is 0% open, HA mark it as 100% an the button to go up ist disabled.
How can i change the shutter status?

Hello, someone else have asked it https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/3757#issuecomment-943616835
The PR is submitted.

thanks for your answer. i have read that i have to install this code

cd deconz-rest-plugin
git pull
qmake && make -j2
sudo cp …/libde_rest_plugin.so /usr/share/deCONZ/plugins

But how can i install this. In Deconz or in homeassistant?

I have pur the code in the terminal and get this


Neither. Needs to be on native linux.

It’s possible on docker https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Compiling-the-REST-plugin-for-device-specific-testing

But I can’t help you for that.

For me as an Beginner it looks very difficult. But what about this existing quirk for this device. Is there perhaps an easier way to install it?

This is for ZHA.
But the PR is already submitted, it s a short modification, perhaps @Mimiix can make magic to make this one be in the future version ^^ ?

Not yet. My magic is empty for the moment

I have found a file here. is it the right one? how to install?


Today i have installed another shutter switch TS130F from an other vendoor (LoraTap) -TZ3000_8kzqqzu4 But same problem. The Shutter icon in Lovelace is inverted.

If i try to write new position information to the entity i can see the new value in Lovelace. But the icon will not invert.

I don’t find information about this device on google.
Have you a picture of the device

And a JSON with the real state (to add it on previous PR)

LoraTap ZigBee Shutter Switch Module For Electric Motorized Curtain Blind Tuya Smart Work with Alexa Google Home Zigbee2MQTT DIY|Automatic Curtain Control System| - AliExpress

How can i read the JSON?

Can use this http://phoscon.de/pwabeta on help/ API information
And you are sure it’s not a wiring issue ?