Tuya TRV _TZE200_cpmgn2cf not pairing correctly?

Hi there,

I‘m trying to pair two Moes TRVs TS0601 _TZE200_cpmgn2cf, which are officially supported now with deconz.
I‘m on the actual firmware (26780700) and deconz-Version (2.19.01) on my Conbee II.
Im using HA on a RPI4.
While I had no problems wirh deconz so far the last year, I can‘t figure out to work with these TRVs.
I‘m not sure, where I‘m missing the point, as I never worked with TRVs until now.
I set phoscon to pairing mode (new sensor), I set the TRV into pairing mode. Phoscon says success, deconz shows a „Home Automation Smart plug“. I try the pairing again (as found in some threads with these TRVs), I try to read the basic cluster, but nothing changes anymore. The TRV doesn‘t show up in Phoscon (normal?), nor does it in the Deconz-Integration in HA.
Can anyone help me out?


Here is a photo from the Basic descriptor of the two TRVs.


They are not supported yet. That’s why they show up like this.

But they are explicitely mentioned in the changelogs of the actual firmware…?


Probably only works with a manual compile with a PR from @Smanar . Can you confirm that @smanar?

I think the PR was done without testing.

Another identifier, _TZE200_cpmgn2cf, added as a TRV of type TS0601 to the product mapping.
Since before, I have another identical device, but that one is advertising itself as _TZE200_cwnjrr72

The second one was in code to add the thermostat

                            manufacturer.endsWith(QLatin1String("wnjrr72")) ||

But not the _TZE200_cpmgn2cf

Can I contribute in any way, that also the _TZE200_cpmgn2cf will be added/supported?
Or is it possible for me to load a ddf-file (if someone has an appropriate one) to support these devices?

Sorry for my newbie-questions…

I think it’s fast to add it in c++ code.
But the next deconz step will be probably TRV, and I hope with the support for DDF for Tuya one (ATM not possible to include Tuya TRV)

If you have a real OS, not a docker or HA, I can explain how to do to recompile code just for you.
Else I think it’s better to wait for manup decision about the next deconz step.

Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately I‘m really running deconz as the HA-Addon (i.e. docker-container), although I have a real OS with a full-featured SSH-Console beneath.

So I‘ll wait for future releases and have to check out zigbee2mqtt in the meantime.

What I don‘t understand, some people seem to have those working:
Unfortunately it’s not possible to contact Github-Users…


Are you sure they have the model “_TZE200_cpmgn2cf”, I don’t see the manufacture name in the issue, and tuya use so much clones.

No I‘m not sure.
I just saw they are using Moes Tuya Zigbee TRVs, but I don‘t know how many versions these sell.

When I looked into the ddf-files of my installation, there are no files assiciated to moes TRVs. Else I would have tried to adapt one of those to my modelname and to look what happens…

Looks like it is more complicated than I hoped :cry:

Yeah sorry, Manup want the TRV was the next deconz step, I hope for the PR with the support for Tuya TRV will be in the “package”

Would be great :pray:

No updates since last post. what did you expect…?

Hi Smanar,

I just got this device (_TZE200_cpmgn2cf) and I would go down the self compiling road if that’s still necessary.
I’m not sure which branch i should check out though.

Still no new for support using DDF.
But if you want to compile the code, you just need to take the last official.
In file de_web_plugin.cpp, around line 5866 just add

manufacturer.endsWith(QLatin1String("pmgn2cf")) ||

Then all the rest are the same request than in the github page.

You have the procedure here Compiling the REST plugin for device specific testing · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

sudo apt install deconz-dev
git clone https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin.git

make the change

cd deconz-rest-plugin
qmake && make -j2
sudo cp ../libde_rest_plugin.so /usr/share/deCONZ/plugins

If you have a small raspberry, it can freeze during compilation, my pi 3 do, so remove “-j2”

It’s now possible to use this device through deconz-rest-api using this ddf

Since this device is not supported in Phoscon and since there’s little hope that this changes in the near future, I’ve put together a small bash script for controlling this TRV (and probably other TRVs).
You can find it here https://gist.github.com/llugo/562e080c8ff9e051e67f4fc510f64f56.
I’d be glad if someone had a look at it or even could suggest improvements.

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