Tuya Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Display compatibility

Hello everyone,

I want to know what the status is of the mir-te100-ty temperature and humidity displays compatibility.
I could find anything on GitHub on this device.

On the deConz Discord i found 2 messages:
838730480823042089 - @Dragao75
818874637857456169 - @tklein

I also saw this device pop up on this website : https://zigbee.blakadder.com/Tuya_MIR-TE100.html

I bought a few of them and found out that they do pair but never show up.

I use :

And also hope that i place this message on the right place

Thanks in advanced

I have this sensor, but it didn’t show in phoscon, but presents in gui, and working with HA.

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Thanks @SoulAssassin,

Exactly as you sad the HomeAssistant does find the displays.

I couldn’t find the displays in any way in the deConz app, little bit frustrating but ok hope this wil change in the future.

As a note HomeAssistant shows the displays as several entities after you add the displays to deConz app.

Greetings Tom

I have used the Tuta (Lumi) temperature/ humidity sensors with deCons/HA for a long time with no issues what so ever. They show up in Phoscon after pairing, and HA recognizes all attributes automatically.

ok nice,

Maybe i pickup that sensor as well.

I was thing about them in the past, but i came across those whit an display and like them more because they also show the data and report them to the hub.

Phoscon needs to add support themselves, so that’s why it won’t show up unfortunately.

Here’s mine:

I have encountered the same but using fhem…

So when “searching” for new sensors in deCONZ/Phoscon it shows “green” and “ready” but the sensor does not show up in the “App”.

But then surprisingly I could find the sensor in fhem.
fhem ist connected using the REST API as far as I know…

I was in contact with DE support and the guy told me to open up a task here but then I found this and thought at least place a message here :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually I do not have access to the sensor and deCONZ setup (running in a garage at a friends house) and the actual status is “ok” for me so…

This is the information I got from an test integration with zigbee2mqtt:
Friendly name


Last seen


Device type


Zigbee Model



Temperature & humidity sensor with display

Support status


IEEE Address


Network address








Interview completed


Not sure if that helps…
…but it did not hurt me posting :wink:

Regards, Joachim

P.S.: thanks to the support of DE!! :slight_smile: