Tuya Temperature & Humidity Sensor (_TZ3210_ttkgurpb)

Hi there,

I recently bought one of these:

Apparently, the sensor is not compatible with the ConBee II. I’m not able to pair it with the Zigbee Stick. The log says something about “No Tuya productId entry found for manufacturername: _TZ3210_ttkgurpb”. I’ve tried to pair the thing about 50 times now without success.

Maybe it’s not supported or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

How does it look like in the deCONZ gui? This device isn’t TUYA so the log isn’t for this device :sweat_smile:

It won’t show up in the GUI since I’m unable to pair it. The device’s box says: “Powered by tuya / Temperature & Humidity Sensor”. That’s all…

Can you show a screenshot of deCONZ?

Try to make some short press (every 2 s) after the inclusion procedure (the long press) to keep the device awake during inclusion.

I managed to keep the device in pairing mode with the above procedure (short presss every 2 seconds) for the whole 3 minutes but the Conbee II was not able to pair with the sensor. Here a screen shot:

Ok, so no other solution, we need capture of the device from the GUI https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Request-Device-Support to see what is the device, if it’s not a new model.

Device can be included in deconz but not in the API (so you can’t see it in phoscon)

We still haven’t seen a screenshot from deconz…

We need a screenshot hwo it looks in deconz.

Sorry I don’t have the deconz software and it seems to be running on Windows only. Is there any other way to gather the device info?

You just need an OS with desktop, it s only not running on MAC.

That is not true. You do have deconz running, otherwise it can’t run.

For linux you can use VNC with x11:

Okay, thanks. I’ve managed to set up the x server and locate the device in deCONZ. Here is a screen of the network:

Is this what you need?

You are sure it s a xiaomi one ? The mac adress don’t look like a Xiaomi one.
You can select the second circle to expand cluster (on the node title) and check for model id/manufacture name (Cluster 0x0000, press button “read”, if the device is sleeeping short press on the device in same time)

But for me it s a tuya one.

Well I bought a “Xiaomi” but the box says “Tuya”. I’m unfamiliar with both - it’s not my daily business, anyway :frowning:
I captured the popu menu from the second circle:

I don’t see a “read” button, though but in the node info list the value of “Manufacturer” is “unknown”.

Ok So I presume your device is not a Xiaomi but the _TZ3210_ttkgurpb
And this one is probably not whitelisted, If you have a deconz version that support DDF, this device can be added using them, I don’t see something special on your capture.

That sounds promising :grinning: How do I find out whether or not I have a version that supports them? And if so, are there any resources available describing how to create a DDF?

If you are on HA bad luck, else you can take a look here https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/DDF-cheat-sheet

You can find some sample (sensor temperature) on this forum or the github, for exemple https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/5483