Tuya Smart ZigBee Energy Meter Single Phase

This is an aliexpress tuya din rail mounted zigbee enabled 80A power and energy monitor.

By default it is detected as smart plug in deconz and ends up in the lights section with one switch element.

Would like to be able to capture energy/power/voltage/current from it.

an you have a look to Energy meter - Hiking -Tomzn DDS238-2 Zigbee _TZE200_bkkmqmyo TS0601 · Issue #6530 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub to test the proposed DDF file ?

I shall. New to DDF files…

I have managed to add the new ddf file, hot reloaded, but the device is still listed as a fairy light:


I even restarted the deConz docker container.

HA still sees this device as a simple on/off switch.

Do I need to remove the device from phoscon/deconz? …how do I do that?


Perhaps could we continue into github ?