Tuya MiNi DIY Smart Switch Zigbee

Hi, i just bought a Tuya mini switch zigbee and i’m trying to connect with Conbee 2 via Deconz web app.
Unfortunately i can’t connect to the device.

I start adding a new switch and Deconz try to connect for 3 minutes but at the end of the search time i receive this: “:slight_smile: Someting went wrong here.”.

Is it possible to connect this type of device?


Hello we realy need more information.
You need the GUI to do that Request Device Support · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

We need at least the model ID and the manufacture name to know what is the device.
You can try to do yourself the integration, generaly just need to add your model id and manufacture name to an existing DDF for tuya, they just made clones.

Else can do a complete request device support.