Tuya 2 way-switch TS0002 not working in the beta

i have some Tuya _TZ3000_zmy4slsw (TS0002) 2 way switches here.
i’ve seen, that they are actually not supported, but in the beta (see here: DDF for Tuya 2-channel switch module (_TZ3000_zmy4lslw) by Smanar · Pull Request #6953 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub). So i updated my system to the beta (v2.22.1-beta).

But the problem is the same as before: i toggle one switch, but both are toggleling.

In DeCONZ there is the right DDF working (see screenshot).
I use DeCONZ on a Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine in proxmox.
Aside from that i use a Home Assistant in an another VM on the same proxmox. But i think, this is not important at this point.

It doesn’t matter where i toggle the switches (home assistant or DeCONZ) → the problem is the same.
I have deleted and new paired the devices → same

In the error log there is an entry if i toggle the switches: see the screenshot


Sorry for my bad english; i come from germany. I give my best. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for your support.

When going to same screen into preview tab, did you see the item tuya_unlock in the DDF ?

Ah, sorry. First read, then think, then do. :wink:

No, this attribute is not listed in the preview.

Try adding

          "name": "config/tuya_unlock"

On the first entry, the one with the endpoint 0x01, then re-include the device (or need to wait 24h)
You can do that with the GUI editor or a text editor, but take care if you use the GUI, it corrupt sometime the file.


sorry for my understanding problems.
so i have to edit the DDF from the device, then add config/tuya_unlock, save it into a new DDF → force reload and then re-include the device?

edit: it works for this moment! many thanks!

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Alone ?